Monday, June 22, 2009

Credit Card Blues

OMG! Once I pay off all my credit cards...I am DONE! I've had to use them in lieu of cash because of how I get paid in this crazy business I'm in ... butttt that I love so much. So with all that has been going on in the economy...yes it has affected us too.. a sista is trying her best not to fly off the handle with these credit card companies.

Now, I am a pretty responsible person minus the credit I've accumulated and didn't pay back when I got paid. But I pay my bills on time. But dang...when a sista is experiencing some hardship...why is so difficult to get a helping hand. If you've ever heard, "they set you up to fail"...well it's the truth. But that's why it's important to be well informed and on top of your finances.

For months I've been calling companies, trying to get some help to just pay them SOMETHING. I mean I don't want the late charge. I don't want my account to go into collections. I just want some help making some kind of payment. WTH? GEESH!

I just have to take a few deep breaths, meditate and pray. I know all I'm going through is for a reason. It's definitely teaching me a WHOLE lot. The list is long yall. lol. But the lesson will pay off ... and let's hope the callback I received today will too!!!

I got a callback today for one of the castings I went on last week! Wish me luck!! No...on the other hand...pray for me.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Faith Based Business

This week I went on 4 castings/auditions and so far, no callbacks. I figured out soon enough that I would need to rely on my faith to make it in this industry. But in figuring that out, I learned that clients have in mind what type of person or people they are looking for when they put together a casting/auditon. On a rare occassion you may come in and wind up being something really special and the client may choose to go in another direction. But for the most part they already have a pretty good idea of what they are looking for.

So with that in mind, I don't look at other actors or models as my competition. Shoot, who knows how long they've been in the game. Things may be just starting to pay off for them and they've been going at it for some years now. However, I deal with the rejection by finding ways to better myself. What can I work on? What steps can I take to evolve? What can I do to stand out. And in that time, I've also found ways to create some additional income. Because as most actors/models know...getting paid is sometimes a lengthy process. We still got bills. And for most of us who are passionate about it...we aint going back to the 9 to 5 business.

Furthermore, we are in a recession. I'm not happy about it. But I'm not mad at it either. It has pushed many, including myself, to come out of their shells. Forced them to become creative, find their niche, pursue dreams and just do things they would have not thought they'd ever be doing.

Being in business for yourself is challenging. But wouldn't you rather be challenged doing what you love than working for someone else helping them be successful doing what they love.

No I may not book every audition/casting I go to BUT...I wouldn't want to be doing anything else. You see what GOD has for me has already been written. So if I didn't get a wasn' t for me. So I keep it moving and maybe I'll get the next one. Only GOD knows and I'd say HE knows best. : )

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away...

I know we should be thankful for all GOD produces ... even the rain. But ummm...isn't it supposed to be like summer. Well I'm taking this lesson in rain-onomics. lol..yeah I made that up. I notice people's attitudes and demeanor when it rains...its well...not so pleasant it seems.

With all that may be going on in our lives ... if you're reading this...well the Lord got you up this morning. So whether its raining, sunny, snowing, hailing .. you get the picture... learn to be thankful that you got up to witness it. That's enough reason to be smiling any day.

Eric Roberson..R&B at its best!

If you've never heard him sing or if you've never even heard of him. Please please please...pick up any one of his albums. I saw him last night at SOB's in NY. Pure fun and entertaining. Eric hosted the show but sang in between acts. There were four total. V. Rich being the best of the four. Annnd he is representing from my hometown... DC. You guys should definitely be on the look out for him.

I never really get to go out in NY but the last two days I've been invited out and have really had a good time. Thanks to my NY homies, T. Blockett, W. Borno and B. Christian for hanging out with a sista. You guys are a blast!

But um...yeah...make sure you pick up some Eric Roberson!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

To Blessed to be Stressed

Sometimes the people you least expect to be a good friend, to look out for you or even give you a few encouraging words, wind up being a special part of your life.

I have been so blessed through my short time as a full-time, professional model/actress. The amount of people who have continued to look out for me has been amazing. GOD is so good. I can't say it, pray it or replay it enough.

Be appreciative for every opportunity or interaction you have. Even it turns out to be not so good. You know, not many people can say they are fullfilling thier dream. But I can ... and I have still managed to pay my mortgage, eat and travel to every casting and audition I was available for. I'm not saying payments haven't been late or worry hasn't set in, but things worked out.

I don't know how I forgot to mention this person in my first blog, but I definitely want to thank M. Pierson for opening her heart and home to me. She is the one person who hung in there with me before I started acquiring friends in NY or had friends move there. Now, I can kinda give her a break and rotate a little bit. But thanks for the talks, the meals, the books, and the advice you offered during and continuing through this process.

Being a child of GOD certainly does has it's perks!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Art of Noise

OMG! New York is busy, fast paced and LAWD...just so LOUD. If my patience was being tested today... it sho nuff was. From kids screaming at the top of their lungs to pedlers begging for money (this all on the subway mind you). I'm not saying that where I come from people aren't loud or beg for money but today it was magnified to epic proportions. But then everything in NY is.

So how do I tune it out...throw on my headset and pump some sounds on my ipod. Simply Red "I keep holdinnnnng in on..." Ahhhhh...perfect. Cause LORD, it's only by the grace of GOD that I haven't fallen off yet! Thanks LORD ... and the apple company too!

Adapt 'frustr' ation

So I'm all excited about starting my blog and last night I couldn't even read up on all there is to know about my blog site, settings and all that good stuff...features, FAQ's, etc. because my laptop is dying. Well why not just plug the adapter in and all better right...NOPE. The adapter is not working. Why you ask? The heck if I know.

I just got this laptop in November ... so why isnt the adapter working...well I call dell. Sooo of course they can't say hello without charging you $50 because my warranty has expired. Does anyone NOT want to be an adult anymore. I mean owning a home, paying bills, working...its so overated. The tune that goes through my head is... "I don't wanna grow up...", well you know the rest.

DANG!!! can a sista just make a dollar out of fifteen sense so I can afford to pay for every little issue that arises unexpectantly. So if anyone knows where I can get an adapter for a dell inspirion 1526 for FREE... let a sista know please.